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Where To Buy Gold Coins

People will purchase gold coins for numerous reasons. Some are looking to add gold to their investment portfolio because it is a stable commodity. Other people purchase gold coins from a collector's standpoint, trying to acquire rare and valuable coins to complete their collections that will appreciate in value over time.


Before finding out where to buy gold coins, you need to decide on what type of coins you want to purchase. They are numerous types such as American Eagle coins, bullion gold and foreign coins. By understanding the type of coin you want to purchase, you can figure out the best place where you can get the gold coin at fair prices. Types of coins you may purchase include bullion gold coins, modern United States commemorative gold coins, rare United States coins, foreign gold coins and common United States gold coins pre-circa 1933.

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Finding a coin dealer isn't as simple as just picking up the phone book or surfing the Internet. There are shady dealers who won't hesitate to take you money and never deliver the coins as they disappear off the face of the Earth. Always perform the required background check on the coin dealer. Check their background through the Better Business Bureau website and ask important questions about their business.

Things you should find out about include: how long have they been in the business of selling gold; what type of reputation do they have with buyers and collectors; how large of a business do they have where they can supply you with the coins you want; what level of knowledge do they possess concerning gold; do they follow any type of organization with a code of ethics; and do they offer any type of guaranty with each sale.

Your best bet is to work with a coin dealer who is a part of the Professional Numismatists Guild. Members of this guild must adhere to a code of ethics as well as a collector's bill of rights in regards to proper sales tactics and fairly representing the value of the coins they are selling. You can also purchase gold bullion and coins from participating banks, brokerages and precious metal dealers. Another good source for gold and silver coins is the Govmint.com. Try to avoid individuals who are just regular jewelry store owners, pawn shops, television ad personalities, online discount sellers or people who are selling gold coins on Craigslist.

Never work with a coin dealer that does not have a physical store location where you can look at the coin. If the dealer only possess an email address, walk away and work with someone else. You should also avoid any type of dealer, online or otherwise, who only accepts cash or strictly requests wire bank transfers. If you run into problems with your gold purchase, it will be hard for you to track down the dealer and your money to resolve the issue.
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  1. It is very important to choose the right gold bullion company. There are many gold bullion dealers in the country. But we don’t need hundreds of dealer we need only one quality dealer which can provide us quality of gold.